E-Cigs to E-Pouches?

Electronic cigarettes are becoming very popular.  From casual smokers to individuals who want to cut down on smoking, electronic cigs are a great alternative.  Another alternative to smoking is chewing tobacco.  These little pouches deliver nicotine without anyone smoking.  I have tried some and they are good for the fix but if you fail to spit out the pouch, you pay the consequences.  Therefore, companies developed spit-less pouches, i.e.: Snus.  These little guys have revolutionized chewing tobacco.

However, a crazy thought, what if there was an electronic pouch?  I understand it may be a choking hazard but it is a thought nevertheless.  Unlike traditional e-cigs, where it is shaped like a cigarette, these little ‘pouches,’ would have behave like a little inhaler lodged between someone’s cheek and gums.  Much like a pouch, just inhale normally and it can deliver flavored nicotine.  Imagine the possibilities — instead of inhaling like a cigarette, it can act like a mint!  This would be pretty neat.  I came up with this idea!


No more cold walk alone…

You ever get a craving for a cigarette in the middle of a dinner or concert?  Sucks right?  Had a ciggy craving the other night at a basketball game and didn’t want to miss a play so luckily I brought along the refillable ecigarettes that I purchased from tru smoke a few days before.  Was able to just take a few hits right there in my seat with no worries!  My date for the game even shared a few puffs… a little bonding if you will.  best thing about these refillable ecigarettes from tru smoke is you can mod them up to fit a little weed nug… like a 2 hitter.  After the game walking to the car we took a few hits in celebration of our teams win!

How to refill e cigarette

There are more and more videos and DIY tutorials out there about re filling your own e cig filters.  I kinda like this idea since I can pick my own flavors to try.

Most e cigarette cartomizers are the same, a filter with a part you screw on to the battery.  All you need is the liquid nicotine that you can order online, a napkin and a paper clip.

Take the paper clip and stick in the little hole on the mouthpiece, and pop it off.  Underneath is a rubber doughnut that keep you from inhaling the liquid.  So if you stick the paper clip in too far you you cant get the top off so put the clip in shallow and it will pop right off.  If it wont easily come off you are proably pulling on the doughnut.  Pop the cap off then pull the rubber doughnut out.

Next you will see a straw surrounded by stuffing inside.  Add a few drops of the nicotine to the stuffing and try not to get it down the straw.  Just blow it out if you do, re assemble and start vaping, pretty easy huh?


best e cigarettes

Before I buy anything especially a new product I like to research.  With so many options out there how do you know what is good? I have been able to try a few friends and compared to ones I see online. The first one i tried was interesting but I couldn’t see me using to regularly instead of smoking.  I think the best thing to do is to compare some reviews online and ask people if they like theirs or just go out and research.  Maybe it is as simple as what color you like or who offers the best case.

Bottom line is i think its not that easy to find “the best” e cig but try to find the best one for you. Which on gives you the best experience or help you achieve your goals like cutting back or quitting. 

e cigarettes can help you cut back or maybe even quit smoking

Quitting cold turkey is tough for a lot of people who are trying to quit.  Especially for long term and heavy smokers who are faced with the problem of wanting to quit for health reasons but not wanting to give it up. E cigarettes can benefit people who are stuck in this situation.

Supplementing an e cigarette for the real thing can be an easier option thank quitting cold turkey for those who are not ready to mentally stop “smoking”.  The similarity and routines of e cigarettes can help supplement the experience.  For example using an e cigarette in your car or in your home is an easy transition.  E cigs are more cost effective but also have advantages like no cigarette smell or dirty ashtrays to clean.  The convenience of using an e cig while maintaing the smoking experience can help you cut back and maybe even be on your way to quitting.

If you live in the cold and don’t want to go outside or don’t want or have time for a full smoke break an e cigarette could be a great solution.  Especially if you live in a major city where there is fewer and fewer places you can smoke in public e cigs provide a alternative to stepping outside or having to deal with cravings.

Try supplementing an e cigarette into a routine for a real cigarette like with your morning coffee or next time you jump in the car.  You will soon find yourself cutting back and not struggling with cravings or chain smoking relapses.

Liquid Refillable Ecigarettes


Do you really want to mess with liquids to refill your ecigarettes?  It might not sound that complicated – having to pour nicotine liquid into the chamber of an electronic cigarette but in reality it is a hassle.

When e cigarettes first came out, it was normal to have to use liquids to enjoy your cigarette.  This wasn’t a big deal at first because your only other alternative was to smoke a real cigarette so we were willing to pretty much do whatever it was necessary to avoid burning tobacco.

As ecigartte technology continue to evolved, the industry began to come out with e cigarettes that no longer required liquids to refill.  Instead refillable e cigarettes used nicotine cartridges that you simply threw out after the nicotine ran out.  This was much more convenient and was a compelling reason to get rid of any e cig that required the use of nicotine liquid.


Hello everyone!  Welcome to the new home of Refillable E Cigarettes.  A website that will explain all the electronic cigarette options out there.  Buying an e cigarette does not need to be complicated.  It is very easy when you know what you are looking for and what you want to avoid.