Quitting cold turkey is tough for a lot of people who are trying to quit.  Especially for long term and heavy smokers who are faced with the problem of wanting to quit for health reasons but not wanting to give it up. E cigarettes can benefit people who are stuck in this situation.

Supplementing an e cigarette for the real thing can be an easier option thank quitting cold turkey for those who are not ready to mentally stop “smoking”.  The similarity and routines of e cigarettes can help supplement the experience.  For example using an e cigarette in your car or in your home is an easy transition.  E cigs are more cost effective but also have advantages like no cigarette smell or dirty ashtrays to clean.  The convenience of using an e cig while maintaing the smoking experience can help you cut back and maybe even be on your way to quitting.

If you live in the cold and don’t want to go outside or don’t want or have time for a full smoke break an e cigarette could be a great solution.  Especially if you live in a major city where there is fewer and fewer places you can smoke in public e cigs provide a alternative to stepping outside or having to deal with cravings.

Try supplementing an e cigarette into a routine for a real cigarette like with your morning coffee or next time you jump in the car.  You will soon find yourself cutting back and not struggling with cravings or chain smoking relapses.